Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) 2017-18

  •  Purpose:

    The purpose of GATE is to provide differentiated learning experiences for students who have been identified as gifted and talented. Research shows that specialized instructional strategies, along with opportunities for gifted students to interact with each other on a daily basis, yield higher academic performance as well as improved social and emotional well-being.



    Each elementary school serves GATE students through a classroom cluster model. Gifted students are grouped in a mixed-ability classroom which is taught by a teacher trained to use specialized instructional strategies for high-ability learners. The cluster model provides opportunities for enrichment for gifted students who challenge themselves academically, engage in analysis that is more advanced than the typical elementary student, and interact with peers with similar abilities.


    GATE Enrichment Opportunities:

    GATE students will have the opportunity to participate in after school mini-academies offered through Star Nova in Spring 2017. Academies will be offered at alternating school sites and will provide opportunities for students to engage in higher-level learning with other GATE students. If you child is interested in attending, please call Olivia Lucio at 933-8804. Students must be pre-registered in order to attend.



     Winter - Feb. 2018 Program 

    Session I: Jan 30, 31 & Feb. 1, 2018 @ Barbara Webster

    Session II: Feb. 6-8 @ Glen City


    CSI - Forensic Science: Students will become members of STAR's Crime Scence Investigation Unit and immerse themselves in the world of Forensic Science! They will discover the role of DNA at a crime scene and how to extract it from cells. They will learn why fingerprints are the most useful pieve of evidence at the crime scene, how we use them worldwide to solve crimes and evem dust for them and lift them. They may become an expert in forensic dentristry or be the scientist that solves the mystery of the unknown substance.

    Day 1: Intro. To Forensic Science - What is DNA and how do we extract it from a cell

    Day 2: Odontology - Dental Foremnsics

    Day 3: Fingerprinting - Identifyin types of fingerprints. Dusting for prints and lifting a print



     Spring - April 2018 Program

    Session I: April  17-19 @ Barbara Webster

    Session II: April 24-26 @ Glen City


    Mission to Mars: Mission to Mars blasts off with a lesson in rocketry that is out of this world! Students participate in a hands-on building challenge to create and then launch their own rockets. Basics of aeronautics and aerospace engineering are covered along with Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Students will learn about gravity, force, friction and mass. After traveling the 34.8 million miles to the red planet, students will design landing modules, generate renewable energy and learn how to survive on their Mission to Mars.

    Day 1: Rocketery/Aeronautis - Forces of flight, Newton's Laws of Motion

    Day 2: Survival on Mars - Spacesuit/Landing Module Design

    Day 3: Aerography - Physical geography of Mars, Mars Rover construction