Voicemail Access

    There are two ways that you can access your voicemail messages:


    Directly from your phone:

    1. Press the Messages button or dial *99

    2. Enter the mailbox password


    Remotely from a non-district phone:

    1. Call into your extension from any outside phone

    2. Dial * when you hear your voicemail greeting

    3. Enter the mailbox number

    4. Enter the mailbox password


    Voicemail Greeting

    Record your unavailable message on your phone or on the road.

    1. Access your voicemail as described above

    2. Dial 0 for mailbox options

    3. Dial 1 to record your unavailable greeting

    Phone Features

    Transfer to Voicemail

    Transfer a call directly to your co-worker’s voicemail.

    1. Initiate a blind transfer

    2. Dial 0 followed by the extension (i.e. 01001)

    3. Complete the transfer