Superintendent's Message

  • Ed Cora, Superintendent

    August 2018                                                                                                                                          

    Dear Parents and Community Members:

    As the new superintendent of the Santa Paula Unified School District, I want to welcome everyone to the 2018-2019 school year.  I hope our students had a restful summer vacation and will soon be ready to return with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  Below are four school district goals, which are important for parents to become familiar with as we prepare to begin the new school year.  At any time, feel free to contact your child’s school or the superintendent’s office to request further information. 

    The District will:

    • Work hard to provide students a safe and positive environment in which to learn and thrive.
    • The administration will work to provide safe campuses and the tools needed for teaching and learning to occur at its highest level.

     Strive for continuous academic student achievement.

    • Every teacher in every classroom will intentionally plan lessons that focus on the CA State Standards. Teachers will deliver lessons that engage students from the beginning of the lesson until the end.  Lastly, the rigor of each lesson will increase and challenge every student.
    •  District attendance needs to significantly increase and students need to be academically prepared for all assessments, thus producing positive academic results.

     Execute plans for facility projects funded by Measures P & Q.

    • There are many district facility projects which will be started and/or completed throughout the course of the school year to provide students, staff and parents the best accommodations for teaching and learning.

     Increase parent engagement, communication, and parent education opportunities.

    • The District will increase communication and engagement with parents, as well as provide additional parent education classes. The classes will assist parents with understanding their child’s educational programs and increase involvement in their child’s education.

    At our school sites, dedicated teachers will continue to prepare students to meet and exceed expectations for the CA State Standards.  Consistently assessing, monitoring, and reporting will provide teachers and parents an accurate measure of each student’s academic achievement.  Administration and teachers will need your full support in making sure your child attends school every day as well as keeping lines of communication open.  Together, we will make great strides in the education of our students.

    On behalf of the Governing Board and myself, we wish everyone a very successful school year! 


    Ed Cora, District Superintendent

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