Condor Cooking Club

Posted by Mark Lopez on 4/15/2020

Welcome to the Condor Cooking Club!!!

Hello Isbell students.  We hope you all are staying safe and healthy at home right now with your family & loved ones.  While you're at home, a great way to spend time with your family is to cook & create some delicious food & drinks.  Our Condor Family has some very talented cooks, bakers, and healthy drink makers.  We will be sharing with you some of our fun & famous recipes for snacks, light meals, desserts, & drinks.  We hope you & your family will enjoy making them together while you are at home working on your distance learning activities.  

Do you have a quick & easy recipe that is delicious?  Please share them with me and we will post them up on our Isbell website.  Here are the requirements to share your recipe:

1. The recipe must be edible.

2. You must explain clearly the amount of ingredients and the steps in order to make the item correctly.

3. The video must not be larger then 6 minutes

  • If your video is longer, then you can film it in two or 3 smaller segments.
  • For example, Video 1 is 2 minutes, Video 2 is 2 minutes, & Video 3 is 2 minutes.  Total is 6 minutes.

4. All language, clothing, & gestures must be school appropriate.

5. No alcohol or tobacco paraphernalia visible at all.

6. Videos must be uploaded to your Google Drive, and then shared with me:


We look forward to tasting some of your delicious recipes.

The Condor Staff